Root Canal Treatment

Our team at Nuvo Dental in Warwick recognise that root canal treatments don’t have the best reputation! However, with the help of local anaesthesia to numb the tooth and our experienced team, we provide a comfortable and effective treatment.

What is involved in a root canal?

Root canal treatments are used to treat infections found in the root or pulp of the tooth. This is typically caused by advanced tooth decay, a leaky filling, or a broken tooth.

What are the symptoms of a dental pulp infection?

Dental pulp infections often cause severe pain and discomfort, although some infections may arise without pain.

Why might I need a root canal?

If the tooth is suitable, a root canal can be an option to save an infected tooth.

What occurs during a root canal treatment?

To begin, we apply a local anaesthetic to ensure the treatment area is numb, and you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Next, we clean the inner canals of the tooth to reduce the infection. The tooth is then further cleaned and disinfected.

A rubber-like material is then used to fill the inner canals, minimising the risk of the infection returning. Following a root canal, we typically recommend a crown to protect the tooth.

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