Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Experience the ultimate teeth whitening transformation with Enlighten Evolution, a revolutionary combination treatment that delivers outstanding results for a whiter, brighter smile.

It stands apart from other whitening methods by offering a B1 shade guarantee, ensuring the highest standard of teeth whitening in Warwick.

How does Enlighten Evolution work?

Enlighten Evolution utilises custom-fitted whitening trays, which you wear at home for two weeks. These trays are meticulously crafted for you at the Enlighten laboratory using a patented sealed whitening tray mechanism. After 7-10 days, your trays will be ready for use. Simply wear them for a few hours each day over the two-week period. At the end of this phase, visit Nuvo Dental for the final touch—a 45-minute in-chair treatment.

Concerned about tooth sensitivity?

Enlighten Evolution takes special care to minimise sensitivity. The whitening gel formula includes an anti-sensitivity serum, ensuring a comfortable experience throughout the treatment. The precision-made whitening trays are designed for maximum comfort.

Why choose Enlighten Evolution?

Enlighten Evolution is the exclusive teeth whitening treatment that guarantees a B1 shade, the whitest shade possible for your teeth. Its anti-sensitivity formula ensures a pain-free and comfortable process. Say goodbye to conventional teeth whitening methods and embrace the remarkable results of Enlighten Evolution.

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