Dental Bridge

What are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic device used to replace a missing tooth or several teeth by anchoring it to the neighbouring healthy teeth. Dental bridges are designed to fill any gaps caused by missing teeth.

What Dental Tooth Bridge Types are Available?

At Nuvo Dental in Warwick, we offer several types of dental bridges, including:

  • Conventional Bridge: This type of bridge is used when there are strong teeth on either side of the gap to support the new prosthetic tooth. In most cases, crowns are fitted on the neighbouring teeth to anchor the prosthetic tooth.
  • Resin Bonded Bridge: This type of bridge is attached to the neighbouring teeth using a wing that is made of metal. It is often used to repair teeth closer to the front of the mouth or as a temporary measure for future dental implants.
  • Cantilever Bridge: This type of bridge works similarly to a conventional bridge but only requires one healthy neighbouring tooth for support.

What is the process for getting a dental bridge?

If a tooth bridge is a suitable option for you, our dentists will prepare the teeth on one or both sides of the gap, which will serve as the anchor for your bridge. We may also fit you with a temporary bridge at this point, as it can take up to two weeks to make your personalised bridge in a dental laboratory. Once it’s ready, we’ll welcome you back into the clinic so that your dental bridges can be fitted.

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