All-On-Four/All-On-Six Same Day Teeth

Experience the convenience and transformative results of All On Four and All On Six Same Day Teeth at Nuvo Dental, where we offer a fixed replacement solution for multiple missing or damaged teeth.

With this advanced technique, our dentists can use all on 4 / 6 can restore an entire arch of teeth in just one appointment. By utilising high-quality dental implants to replace the tooth roots, four or six titanium pegs are strategically placed and then fitted with fixed teeth, providing a stable and radiant smile.

What are the advantages of All On Four / All On Six Same Day Teeth?

  • Requires fewer appointments, saving you time
  • Provides a secure and long-lasting solution for multiple missing or damaged teeth
  • Can replace uncomfortable and ill-fitting removable dentures
  • Supports the natural structure of your face
  • Promotes jaw bone density and overall oral health
  • Delivers completely natural-looking results
  • Offers the possibility to replace an entire arch of teeth in a single session

How does the treatment work?

Instead of using 6-10 implants to replace a full arch of teeth, this technique strategically places 4-6 implants in the jawbone. These fewer implants are carefully positioned to ensure they can safely and effectively support a full set of prosthetic teeth.

What is the treatment process like?

Under local anaesthesia for your comfort, all on 6 and all on 4 dental implants are placed during one visit. Following the implant placement, temporary dental prosthetics are attached, allowing you to leave our practice with a new smile in place. After a period of approximately one to two months, you will return to our practice to receive your personalised permanent prosthetic, completing your smile transformation.

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